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  • Vision Board Training - How to Activate the Law of                Attraction to get Anything you Want
  • ​My Famous Attract, Enroll & Activate Training for                  turning a new customer/partner into a superstar
  • ​The #1 Script that helped me close 10 customers in
               one week
  • ​How To Close A Sale Like A BO$$ training from the
               Most Powerful Women in Network Marketing event
  • ​10 Reasons Why People Fail and How to Avoid
                Them with Melanie Greenough
  • ​Guest Expert Shanda Wright training on How to do              a Strategy Call to Sell Like a Boss

Join the Challenge TODAY  

HEADS UP: 👉After taking this 5-Day Challenge, you will know exactly what you need to do to increase your income, pay off your debt, and finally have a steady stream of leads for your business (even if you don’t have a business yet)! In fact, your social media will bring your EXACT BUYING CLIENT and you will hit every goal you set for this year. Plus I’m giving away 🤑$500 CASH & over $2,000 in Prizes!

You will create a Financial Fitness™ Master Plan to explode your results, pay off your debt, create multiple streams of income, and bring 100 leads every 5 days, 

Are you ready???👇


$450,000 in Debt Crushed!
500 New Income Streams Launched!
54,000 New Leads!
114 New Distributors!
100 New Coaches!
997 New Customers!
13,410 New Friends on Facebook!
6,947 New Followers on Instagram!

Imagine the possibilities!




Are overwhelmed by the long list of things they “need to do” to generate leads to earn more money

Have negative the new online economy and have no idea how to use online marketing strategies to position themselves as the expert

Need accountability and support because their life is already busy and now they are feeling overwhelmed by becoming financially FREE

Want a step-by-step, day-by-day simple plan to earn more money, generate more leads and build a business that they love


LIVE! The step-by-step, day-by-day playbook  is perfectly designed and simple to follow along. Get your daily training (3o min or less), see your simple action steps for success, track your progress, and take notes on how to generate 100 leads in just 5 days. The 4 dimensions of the Total Transformation Lifestyle make it FUN to build a business, online brand, and bank account you love!

You may be wondering a little about how I came to be here with you today.
Let me tell you a quick story about how I was doing everything I knew how to do to get ahead and it still was not enough! Then I started a business and had no idea how to use social media to build authority and create the leads I needed to succeed!

I was a 🚫 broke homeless single mom who knew things had to change! I pulled myself out of that, built 2 traditional businesses, pastored a church had 3 foster kids under the age of 7, my own kid and 2 dogs…but I was 💰 SPINNING MY WHEELS and could not seem to get ahead no matter how hard I worked!

Then I joined a company and at that time I was building everything belly to belly and trying to post on social media to get leads for my opportunity.

I was struggling with what to post and what kind of messaging was going to attract the right people to connect with. I had no 😞 CLEAR PURPOSE or MESSAGE and, although I was BUSY doing social, it was not producing a profit!
And I was getting more and more frustrated + desperate to prove to myself and my family that I could 👑 Create an Empire (or at least pay off my debt and make more than enough money)

👉👉Then something really bad happened:
2008 Hit like a bomb, everything crumbled, and I had to MAKE IT HAPPEN because what I knew for sure…the world was now moving online and if I didn’t figure it, out I would be left behind!


The good news is through hard work and determination I was able to create multiple streams of income, pay off my debt and build 2 VERY SUCCESSFUL organizations (tens of thousands of customers and distributors) 

and then DISASTER STRUCK and the world went into LOCKDOWN.. which meant I couldn’t do face-to-face meetings, hotel events or home meetings, and I had only dabbled with online STRATEGIES…

So finally I decided…THE TIME WAS NOW and, as you can imagine, I was a bit panicked and desperate, but I was ready to build a solid business online and hit my 🎯 BIG GOALS for the year.

Then I discovered that with a Purpose-Driven Marketing Message and a Master Plan, I could generate leads daily from social media without being spammy or even feel like I am selling!

At that point, everything changed!
I discovered how to:

⭐ Create a Purpose-Driven Marketing Message that Attracts my

⭐ How to Create A Master Plan for my Marketing to reach all my 
      Big Goals

⭐ Convert Leads to Prospects and Activate them to become 
      Customers and Raving Fans

Because I discovered how to create the right messaging and marketing master plan to generate leads daily from social media without cold messaging, I was able to

🔥 Build A Solid Online Business
🔥 Work and Earn Money From Home or Anywhere
🔥 Help Other New or Existing Marketers do the Same 
(hence Lockdown Edition)

Now I’m living my dream of building a solid Online Lifestyle business and I never have to worry about having debt weigh me down, having only one income stream, what to post, how to generate leads, or where to find my audience ever again!

And that’s why I’m sharing with you about the

5-Day Total Transformation
Business & Branding Challenge: 
Lockdown 🔓 Edition

For the FIRST TIME EVER... you will be able to Build a Master Plan with a Purpose-Driven Marketing Message, pay off your debt, create a plan for multiple streams of income and learn how to generate leads online with ease!

Reviews & Results

Congratulations to the Total Transformation in Business and Brand Graduates!

If you are tired 😫 of being weighed down by debt, not having enough money to do what you really want, chasing the same 10-20 people to join your business or buy your product…or you are just frustrated with lack of results and need this year to be your year, this

5-Day Total Transformation 
Business & Branding Challenge
Lockdown 🔓 Edition is for you!

Join the Challenge TODAY with this SPECIAL OFFER

Here’s what I know you NEED in order to be successful building your Network Marketing or Coaching Business Online
And I Want To Show You How To Do It, Too…

I will show you how to:

  •  Design a plan to crush your debt and finally be debt free
  • ​Create a Financial Fitness™ Master Plan to explode your results
  • ​Build a plan to create multiple streams of income
  • ​Fashion a great purpose-driven marketing message that attracts the right people as leads and sells with ease
  • ​Add 100 NEW leads to your list EVERY SINGLE week using Instagram™, Facebook™, LinkedIn™, + TikTok™ or any social platform you choose
  • ​Invite your leads & prospects to become customers and turn them into raving fans!
  • Generate more online leads to help you get MORE clients + MORE recruits for your business
  • ​Use the REAL SECRET for setting goals and achieving them for the new year
  • QUICKLY overcome the fear of talking to new people about your product or business creating a purpose-driven movement instead of just making sales
  • Confidently show up in total strangers' direct messenger inboxes
  • STOP WORRYING about the rejection from prospects and focus service to others, on the NUMBER OF LEADS you're generating daily and the stories you are creating!

👉If you want to learn my secrets above,
I am inviting you to join my

5-Day Total Transformation in
Business & Branding Challenge: 
Lockdown 🔓 Edition

My promise…
You WILL receive action steps you can implement right away
that will IMMEDIATELY add new leads to your list.

Here's how the challenge works:

  • Everyday for 5 Days, I will train you on how to create a Financial Fitness™ plan, to identify your Perfect Marketing Message, create a Master Plan for your Business and Brand, and I will show you exactly how I cracked the code on Facebook™, Instagram™, TikTok™, + LinkedIn™ to add 100 leads to your list in just 5 Days.
  • ​Once you sign up, you will be directed to receive daily prompts from me straight to your inbox on the How, What, When, Why, and Where.
  • ​At the end of each day, you will be prompted to fill out our Lead Crusher Tracker and Homework Challenge to enter the raffle for TOP prizes over $2,000 in value!
  • ​You will be added to the super VIP invite only Facebook™ group once you sign up for this challenge.

What you will get when you sign up:

  • Financial Fitness™ PDF guides for creating a plan to Crush your debt and Increase your Income
  • ​3 PDF guides for Identifying your Purpose, Marketing Message, and Master Plan for the year so you can hit your BIG GOALS with ease
  • 5 Daily Action Steps to hold you accountable + guide you to adding at least 20 new names to your list daily
  • ​5 PDF guides to track these leads...plus how to turn them into buying clients and raving fans
  • ​Invite + Follow Up Scripts + an Empire Hack guaranteed to get you an answer in messenger without being pushy or salesy


🌟  Vision Board Training - How to Activate the Law of Attraction to get                   Anything you Want

🌟  My Famous Attract, Enrol & Activate Training for turning a new                       customer/partner into a superstar

🌟  The #1 Script that helped me close 10 customers in ONE week!

🌟  Mindset Manifest Training to Become a Magnet for Abundance with
       Melanie Greenough

🌟  How To Close A Sale Like A BO$$ training from the Most Powerful
       Women in Network Marketing event

🌟  10 Reasons Why People Fail and How to Avoid Them with Melanie 

🌟  Guest Expert Shanda Wright training - How to do a Strategy Call to Sell            Like a Boss

(Bonus Value Over $1,297) 

Not only am I going to help you become an Empire Creator 🔥 in the next 5 days but…

I’m going to teach you my EXACT strategy that I’m putting into effect to 10X 💥 my results for the next 90 days.

My 90-Day Lockdown Tracker For Leads From Social Media
A Master Plan for your Financial Fitness™ so you can finally stop spinning your wheels

My Exact Formula for creating a 100 leads every 5 days Plus Lockdown Scripts you can use on Instagram™, Facebook™, TikTok™, + LinkedIn™

You heard me, Empress!

You get the EXACT Formula for attracting 100 leads in just 5 days PLUS.. my Lockdown Scripts that are going to take all those NEW leads and warm them up so you can get them ready to buy from you.

I keep hearing from Network Marketers that people

“Just don’t want to spend money right now because of the
 lockdown situation.”
❌That is FALSE.❌

In fact, the #1 search happening for women right now because they’re getting pushed into working from home or being a work-from-home Mom is, “How Can I Make Money From Home Without A Job or Degree?”

I’m going to show you you can plan your online business knowing you can hit your goals and how to do 100 leads in just 5 days…which, in case your are counting, is 400 leads a month when you rinse and repeat.

If you show up daily, we might even talk about 1,200 in 90 days so you can create an empire (even if you have NO IDEA what you are doing)!

So look…

  • If you don't need help creating a plan to CRUSH your debt
  • ​If you don't need help planning your Business and Brand Strategy and Setting Goals
  • ​If you are already financially fit and have all the income streams you need
  • ​If you don't need help getting NEW leads
  • ​If you don't need help generating leads from ANY social media platform
  • ​​If you already know how to turn these leads into sales

..then this isn’t for you. 👋
Are you ready to add create a Total Transformation in your Business And Brand PLUS add 100 new leads to your list in


And… Get new customers + recruits for your business ALL ONLINE (or actually launch and go into business)?

Jump in and let’s CRUSH Your Transformation together in
just 5 days

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