Ever Gotten to the End of Your Work Week and Thought,
“What Did I Even DO this Week??”
Before starting and running my current three multi-million dollar businesses…
My kids, my pets, my church...they all were sapping time away from my goals. And because I was not as productive as I wanted to be, my time with all of them suffered.

I was never as present as I wanted to be.
I could never focus on work because I knew that the fires I was being called to put out were pulling me away from what I needed to do most.

For them and me.
But then, I discovered the 5 secrets that changed my businesses and my life.
These secrets opened up the door for me to put HOURS back into my life.

I suddenly found time to spend with the people I love the most.
I found time to get everything done in my businesses that needed to get done to meet my money and growth goals.

I found time to do it all.

And since then, when I lay my head on my pillow, I am 100% satisfied with the choices I had to make in the day because I got to be with them AND grow my empire.

If you want in on these 5 secrets that changed my world and my relationships, then put your name in the box below and I’ll send them to you.

You will also get 2 of the most important pages in my planner
to help you KICKSTART your success with these 5 secrets!
These 5 Secrets Will...
  • Help you understand why you struggle to focus on your goals (& what to do about it)
  • Explain how to bookend your week so you hit each important goal from family to fitness to finances
  • Teach you how to conduct your week like a true CEO
  • ​Show you how to stay accountable with all of it so you transition from frazzled to confident bada$$ in no time
Mom, you can be who they need you to be AND 
who YOU need you to be. I promise. 
Because I live it every day.

And these 5 Secrets Revealed (plus the two planner pages) 
will show you how.
About Melanie Greenough
I was a broke, homeless, single mom who knew things had to change!

I pulled myself out of that, built 2 traditional businesses, pastored a church, had 3 foster kids under the age of 7, my own kid, and 2 dogs…but I was 💰 SPINNING MY WHEELS and could not seem to get ahead no matter how hard I worked!

And I was getting more and more frustrated + desperate to prove to myself and my family that I could 👑 Create an Empire (or at least pay off my debt and make more than enough money).

That’s when I realized I needed a Weekly Method of Operation...so I created one. Since then, I have the time I need with my family. I have the time I need for fitness. I have the time I need to complete the task of growing my three businesses.
I want to give you the power of that sense of peace that comes with being able to tick all the important boxes off WHILE tending to yourself and having fun.

Are you ready?? Pop your name below and let’s get you armed with those SECRETS!

Just enter your information below to get started!

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