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Learn how I built 3 massive global organizations, won awards, and helped hundreds of people make full-time incomes from home - all while being a mom, philanthropist, and amazing wife!
The She's Creating An Empire Success System™ is more than just a planner—it is your fast track to a wildly successful year and an EXTREMELY FULFILLING LIFE!
This system will guide you through EXACTLY WHAT I DID to become a 7-Figure Entrepreneur and how you can use these same steps INCREASE PROFIT, DECREASE STRESS, and build a BUSINESS AND LIFE THAT YOU LOVE!

On my way to the top, I realized I was not the only one that JUST WANTED SOMEONE TO SHOW THEM WHAT TO DO....AND HOW TO DO IT! I spent over a 100K to learn from some of the best in the world and yet NO ONE HAD AN ALL IN ONE SOLUTION for LIFE OR BUSINESS and I was determined to PUT IT ALL TOGETHER TO HELP YOU...those just like me who are desperate to SUCCEED but stuck trying to figure out what to do and how to do it!

Whether you are a career-driven money-making machine, Online Coach, Course Creator, a part-time entrepreneur & busy parent, sales person, network marketer, small business owner or simply a CRAZY ENTREPRENEUR, you will find in this system a built-in strategy for accomplishing more in less time and finding yourself building a Life and Making Money!

With built-in strategy, accountability, and planning systems, you’ll can SUPER CHARGE your results and short cut your mistakes to TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE!
The She's Creating An Empire Success Planner & Training System™
More Than Just a Planner!
Let me show you how to plan a 6- or 7-figure year, create a steady stream of leads, and attract your dream clients. Get more done in less time to build a business & a life you love!
The All-In-One Planner System Includes:
  • Built-In Vision Board
  • 10-3-1 Life Plan
  • Top Goals for Year
  • Mission – Vision – Purpose  Workbook & Statements
  • Daily Productivity To Do List
  • Weekly & Monthly Goal Setting
  • Built-In Accountability
  • Built-In Sales & Social Media Growth Tracker
  • Wins & Losses Course Correction Tool
  • Built-In Lead Generation & Contact List
  • Weekly Prospect List
  • Three BONUS Time Management audio trainings Value: $197
  • NEW FOR 2021!!!   Social Media Daily Method of Operations (DMO) and tracker, Stickers, Tabs & Pocket
Adam Capel, LCSW—Director, Wellsprings Clinic
Melanie Greenough has created a planning system that works intuitively with the reward and planning system in our brains. If you've ever felt like you want to do everything at once or, worse, you freeze up with overwhelm, use this system. It helps you identify the goal behind the goal, how you want to feel when you accomplish the goal, and how you will reward yourself at the end. I highly recommend this system.
What's Included
Vision Board & Life Plan
By creating a master plan for your life and business, you will find that profit-producing tasks become clear and the clutter of life simply falls away. You will perform life-fulfilling activities each day to move toward your dreams.
Monthly & Quarterly Assessments
By reviewing and assessing what is working and what needs to be adjusted, you will LEAP FROG your results, increase your income and feel much more in control of your life.

Weekly Planning & Accountability
Each week you will set actions that produce the desired outcome, course correction that is quick and painless, prospecting and sales goals and much more.

Daily Productivity
Identify the top 5 To Dos for the day to stop overwhelm and focus your attention of what is going to bring the greatest return for your time.  The planner is easy to write in and fantastic for booking in 30-minute increments all day long. There is room to write and you will love seeing your week at a glance.
Social Media Daily Method of Operation
For the first time ever, I've included the secret social media process I use daily to keep leads flooding my funnel without the 'Spammy Tammy' approach so many use. My method is a natural way to attract leads and turn them into prospects, customers, and partners by complimenting and connecting.
Week, Month, &
Year at a Glance
To plan, one must be able to see the year laid out. You will have calendar views that help you do just that all year round.
Prospect List, Expense Tracker & Mindset Training
In business your most important aspect is your prospect list! This system will help you organize and track your most profitable activities. There is also an expense tracker so that you can make the most of your business write offs at tax time! Most success comes down to Mindset so there is a section to put in your personalized mindset training that I will cover in the She's Creating An Empire Success System™ MP3’s.
The She's Creating an Empire 
Success Planner & Training System™ Specs
  • 8.5 x 11 (21.59 x 27.94) - Room to write, track, plan, and dominate 2021
  • 12-month focus (calendar year) Bonus Month - Jan '22
  • 280 pages of planning goodness
  • ​Multi or Navy cover 
  • ​Monthly Tabs for easy access
  • ​MP3 training sessions on the She's Creating An Empire Success System™ (Value $197)
With the She's Creating An Empire Success Planner & Training System™, you will:
  • Create a Clear Vision of your business and your life so you can STOP spinning your wheels and get REAL RESULTS
  • Organize and prioritize your goals for easy execution & tracking
  • Drastically Increase Income and Profitability for the Best Year Ever!
  • Plan and execute high-level achievements easily with our built in system
  • Course correct quickly so you do not get off track and waste days if not weeks on the wrong tasks or in a slump!
  • Use daily To Do lists to obliterate overwhelm and feel accomplished each day
  • Improve relationships throughout your life and have time for those that really matter
  • Focus on what is most important so you can work less and earn more while still ENJOYING LIFE!
  • Learn to master your time and achieve your goals
  • Improve the quality of your life with a balanced approach to life and business
The Story Behind
My She's Creating An Empire Success Planner System™
For the past 20 years, I have been building businesses, coaching, parenting, building a ministry and trying to figure out how to get it all into one system. 

I became frustrated when, year after year, I had five notebooks/planners to organize my business, kids, contact list and goals. I finally decided in 2015 to create the She's Creating An Empire Success System™ as an ALL-IN-ONE SOLUTION! As I coached and mentored thousands in business,
I soon realized people were STUCK & here’s WHY…
  • No Marketing Strategy or Knowledge. Instead, they're focused on just surviving the next sales or getting through the year.
  • Completely Lost when it comes to Social Media, Google Adwords, Guerrilla Marketing, Online Sales, Business Funnels, and more. 
  • Complete Overwhelm—Too many hats with no TEAM. People drown in the day-to-day MUST DO's to put out fires. They WORK IN THEIR BUSINESSES but NOT ON THEM with no idea of:
  • What metrics to track for growth and where to focus
  • ​How to increase revenue & decrease debt
  • How to build teams
  • ​​Living with CONSTANT FEAR around Money and Profits 
  • Mindset of an Employee—not a CHAMPION CEO. They are unclear on what and how to think about their business, confused about the Vision and Mission of their companies and how to deliver their message to the market place in a way that causes others to DIVE IN AND BUY OR BUILD WITH THEM!
I’ve been performing as a top-producing entrepreneur for years, earned award after award for the RESULTS I AND MY CLIENTS PRODUCE ... because of the curriculum Business & Life Planning System!
Now in the beginning I suffered form burn out and the ALL-IN mentality that led to feeling dissatisfied and ready to quit. I was listening to these Alpha male trainers that were teaching the SACRIFICE IT ALL for success idealogy and my MONEY WAS A MESS!

That is until I invested in myself and learned how to have it all and be Happy at the same time! Of course then I started to teach others how to...


Have Me (Melanie) hold your hand through a Business & Life Planning Strategy to GROW YOUR BUSINESS and make MORE MONEY! You will get STEP-BY-STEP (people pay me thousands a month to do this)
(30% off for a Limited Time Only!)
What People Are Saying
Shanda Wright
Prior to working with Melanie I was at war with everyone in my life, written up at work, worked 60-90 hours a week, was drowning in debt and was in bad relationships. Since starting with Melanie I've increased my income, work less, laugh and play more, have friends, paid off 6 figures in debt, and increased my net worth. I've traveled the world, I've fed the hungry and I just got this message from the same boss that less than 2 years ago was on the brink of firing me "Very proud of the lovely young lady you are" thank you Melanie for calling me to a higher place and showing me not just that I could have be and do more but how to get it! So if you have more month at the end of your cheque or more work at the end of your 8 hours or haven't laughed in a while... or are at war with people in your life, really reach out to Melanie and trust me you won't recognize yourself a year from now.... but also trust me on this.... follow her directions.
I have been in business for 4 years. Over the course of those 4 years my husband and I have been building this business and working hard, but we just weren’t getting the results we wanted. I have heard so many times to work on yourself more than you work on the business, so I worked the first 3 years of my business developing myself into someone people would want to be in business with. I had also heard many times that when the student is ready the teacher will appear, but I thought this just wasn’t happening for me. I felt I was ready but really didn’t have anyone mentoring me. Thanks to a great friend I was introduced to a training call that Melanie Greenough conducted, and I really connected with her so I started plugging in to her calls and then reached out to her to become my mentor. That is honestly the best decision I ever made for my business. She mapped out what I needed to do to get to where I wanted to go. I’m not here to tell you that it will be easy, she really pushed me, but I put in the effort and time and have done a complete turnaround. My income has quadrupled over the past 6 months … Not only has Melanie mapped out what I need to do and coached me through it, she has believed in and helped me develop my belief in myself. I really cannot express in words how thankful I am for Melanie Greenough’s mentoring and friendship. Amazing results will take place if you are coachable and find the right coach like I did!
Crystal Flynn
Tara Brower
As a busy wife and mom of two young boys I was struggling managing my time between ‘mom/housewife’ work and my part-time business. I truly could not keep anything organized as nothing was written down; I thought I could keep track of everything in my head. After learning Melanie’s Time Profit System my life has been drastically changed…just ask my husband! It’s a simple way of keeping track of day to day tasks as well as tracking my profit producing activities for my business. I love that I can easily look back at exactly what I was doing when I see major growth in my business. I am now a wife, mom, and business owner that can handle anything as I feel more relaxed that my day is already planned out for me when I wake up. Thank you Melanie! As a result of participating in Melanie's Momentum Group my husband has become my business partner and we have exploded our business and created momentum in a way that has both inspired and empowered us to create a 6 figure income working from home, cant wait to see what the future brings!
Prior to Melanie’s time management techniques my time was definitely managing me! I had no idea how much time I was wasting doing unproductive activities—all the while thinking I was too busy to fit a business in my day. At the end of most days I beat myself up for not getting anything done and so the cycle continued! Now I truly schedule each day one week at a time. I’m more intentional and protective of my time now and realize that the time will pass regardless if I have a schedule or not—so why not be able at the end of the day to actually see what I’ve accomplished and celebrate the small victory! Thank you Melanie Greenough for your wisdom!!
Stephanie Hines
Jaala Mounce 
[Before] my time management training I couldn’t even tell anyone what I had accomplished [at the end of the day] because I honestly didn’t know. … Thanks to Melanie’s incredible training I now am able to plan my entire week ahead of time, so I know exactly what I’m doing the next day when I lay down at night (talk about a peaceful night’s sleep)! I now own the day and the day no longer owns me! Melanie also taught me that it’s important to not get down and out when a task isn’t accomplished because tomorrow is a new day and I can tackle that task first thing to get it accomplished!
This is unlike anything else you’ve ever invested in. Why? Because, it’s not just a Planner...it is an all-in-one Business & Life Planning and Time Management System that will help you take back your life!
Can I personally walk you through becoming a
  • Learn to work ON YOUR BUSINESS & LIFE NOT JUST IN IT to Create a Life and Business Plan that has you JUMPING OUT OF BED—excited to be alive.
  • Make MORE MONEY with LESS TIME and truly LOVE YOUR LIFE!
  • OVERCOME THE REASONS PEOPLE FAIL with powerful curriculum & coaching from a 7-Figure Entrepreneur so you can learn to execute and course correct—spending less time feeling off track and more time creating happiness and fulfillment.
Look, I’ll be honest. Most of my products and coaching cost you a pretty penny and they are worth the work and money. But I want to be able to help more people, and not just through courses or one-on-one coaching. I mean my Inner Circle is increasing to $20K for the year! BUT...your success is truly my business card.
So, instead of another course, or event, I am committing to your success this year by making my expertise, training, and kick-in-the-a$$ support accessible and available to anyone who is serious about building a business — off & online — and getting it to that dream level. I’m talking the Margaritas on the beach, loving every minute of it, level.

I mean the type of business where you enjoy every moment, can take days or weeks off and still have money coming in. The one you’re proud to share with everyone—where those who doubted now envy you.
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She's Creating An Empire Success Planner & Training System™
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The She's Creating An Empire 
Success Planner & Training System™ includes:
•  A 12-Month Calendar Year Planner 

•  Vision/Dream Board

•  Business Planner

•  Money, Profitability, Increasing Income Planning

•  Tracking Systems

•  Expense Tracker

•  Daily Schedule 

•  To Do Lists for Productivity

•  Social Media Daily DMO

• Contact Tracker

1.  Top 10 Strategies for Getting it all Done and Staying Sane! ($99 value)

2.  How to avoid the Top 10 Time Management Mistakes that cause people to fail. ($99 value)

3.  Step-by-step audio training - How to Use your Success Planner for Accelerated Results ($99 value)

4.  FREE VIDEO - How to Build a POWERFUL VISION BOARD ($197 value)
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