The Launch Studio is your ONE-STOP SHOP for launching or relaunching your business to gain more sales, enroll business partners, and rank advance with ease!


As a business coach, I have worked with a lot of people who are struggling in business to get results or to have their new partners have results!

That is how the Launch Studio was born!!
Inside The Launch Studio™, you’ll find everything you need to launch a thriving business (regardless of your product, company, or level of experience in the network marketing business world).

I’ll be pulling back the curtain to show you how I built my 7-figure businesses and how you can do the same — this right here is the fast-track to getting results you haven’t even dared to daydream about.

You CAN do this!

Are you ready to become a top earner and help the people in your organization thrive and hit ranks and bonuses with ease?

Building multiple streams of income has never been more important, but the name says it all – there are essentials pieces to the puzzle that MOST people just don’t have – no training and, worse yet…no resources.
The more support you have on this journey, the easier it will be to create and launch a network marketing business that…

Becomes a source of financial stability despite the current crisis

Becomes a source of financial stability despite the current crisis simply by meeting people where they’re at. Did you know a recent survey showed 60% of people plan on learning a new skill and focusing on self-improvement while socially distancing?

Lets you improve peoples' lives! There are billions of people looking to learn, grow, and improve their lives right now — you and I both know that even just 100 members ready to say ‘YES!’ to your offer could be a complete game changer.

Allows you to use your existing skills and expertise to create a recurring revenue stream every month for years to come (energizer bunny style because it just keeps growing, and growing, and growing). Whether you’re working from home, recently laid off, or already running your own business — the more baskets you have to hold your eggs, the better. Additional revenue streams are like little safety nets that provide reassurance when you need it most.

Empowers you to build anywhere in the world— because while we are on the topic of discussing multiple streams of income, we may as well point out the elephant in the room...which is most of us WANT to live the laptop lifestyle but HAVE NO IDEA how to Create An Empire™ with a phone and a laptop!

Gives your customers and new partners the TOOLS & STRATEGIES for success! Doing what DUPLICATES is the only way to have your income start and continue to grow without you! Most people in network marketing have NO IDEA how to enroll, activate, and duplicate to grow a 6- or 7-figure business... that is, until they get their hands on The Launch Studio™.

Turns your “someday” dreams into a reality. Let’s face it...even though the circumstances are far from ideal, this might be the one time you’ve got the space and the motivation necessary to take an idea you’ve had for a while (like building a thriving business) and make it happen!

Provides you the ability to pivot what you provide in-person to online. If you’re a teacher, fitness instructor, nutritionist, therapist, musician, artist, lawyer, hair stylist, chef, travel expert, tech expert, builder, coach, consultant, speaker, or service provider who’s used to working only at your career, NOW is the time to build yourself an additional revenue stream and method for supporting the growing number of people looking to build multiple streams of income...not to mention shopping online.

It’s for all these reasons and more that I’ve put together an EPIC collection of next-level resources, trainings, and even a live Facebook community to give you what you need to grow your network marketing business and a thriving community further!

These courses, tools, and trainings are intentionally designed to support you in creating momentum, amplifying your results, and expanding your horizon of what’s possible in your online business.

Course One

The Create An Empire Success System™ & Planner
(Value $147)

Time Management, business plans, and tracking are essential to success and finally there is an all-in-one system for Networking Marketing success!

Ready to Make a Profit Sandwich?

In this exclusive system, you will find the planning, tracking, and training you need to not only plan your empire, but to execute with ease.

This is the 1-2 punch of planning and immediate action that I used to grow massive businesses…and it will soon be the 1-2 punch in your business.

There are a handful of profit-producing activities to create high profits in a short amount of time. Learning to balance life, work, business, kids, personal care, social media, customers, and new partners is a DAUNTING task without a proven system for making it all happen!

That’s why I decided to share my secrets for combining planning, tracking, social, team growth, daily actions, and more into one Planner System that is an ACTUAL BLUEPRINT for a 6-figure business.

Course Two

THE MASTER PLAN (Value $299)

The Master Plan help you to identify, map out, and create a plan for success in life and business…

Ready to Make a Plan to Profit?

The Master Plan is an 11-module course designed to help you identify your purpose and passion so you can create a mission and live your best life with your dream business!

Often people are trying to live out an outdated or nondescript idea of their life plan and truly have never been trained to create a life and business plan based on their purpose!

Finally discover how to move forward in your life and business knowing that you are in the right place, doing the right things, at the right time!



This is my SIGNATURE COURSE that is jammed packed with the tools and strategies you need to Create An Empire from A-Z…

Ever wonder what 7-Figure Network Marketers do to get consistent results over a sustained period of time?

This course is designed to help new people avoid all the errors that are made when launching and scaling a business as well as extremely powerful for seasoned networkers who do not have the duplication and momentum they desire!

This A-Z training will leave you confident in your ability to Build A Network Marketing Empire from scratch.

Learn how to create duplication and momentum at the drop of a hat no matter your experience or company…and the best part is you will learn to DO IT AT WILL whenever you decide!

Network Marketing is the Solution and now you will unlock the secrets that have been keeping you stuck or from getting started.

With 8 Modules, 32 videos and tons of guides, checklists, and bonuses, you will be well on your way to SUCCESS after just the first module! No kidding…everything I do to create success for myself and my partners all in one place!

She's Creating  An Empire™ Business Academy

Earn More, Keep More, Grow More (Value $1,131)

Ready to Transform Your Business?
In this exclusive academy you will find monthly one-on-one mentoring, hot seat coaching, business hours to get help, a thriving community and MEin there each week helping to catapult your success.

Included are THOUSANDS of dollars worth of AMAZING courses:
  • Lead Crusher & D.A.R.E.S. Challenges
  • ​Your Dynamic Brand
  • ​Content Creation Lab
  • ​Secret Sales Sauce
  • ​Master Plan
  • ​She's Creating An Empire™ Success Training
This membership gives you the ability to stay plugged into the battery charger, celebrate your wins, transform your mind into a money-making machine while you learn the skill set you need to go to the top! 

With access to some of the most powerful coaching and content you will find anywhere on the web, this Business Academy will help you THRIVE in the new Economy!

Here's What Our Amazing Alumni Say About The Launch Studio Experience

Nancy C.

The training that you provided for us is some of the best I have personally ever had.

My biggest take away is to learn from people who have the life style you want. Don’t compromise and be bold!! And to do a reality check…are you positioned to attract the person/people you keep saying you want to attract? This course is a complete business launch program. Nothing is left out.

Thank you, Melanie! Once again you have raised my awareness and moved me into serious, uncompromizing action. I thank you whole heartedly.

Belinda B.

I increased sales on my team by 400% in just 3 weeks!

My branding was pretty dismal and in just 3 weeks, Melanie recommended I brand myself and promote my team in a way that exploded my results!

Then this happened...I was asked to become the brand ambassador for our company and without even trying increased sales by 400%!

So much fun and really easy!

Brittany Hollowink

I have to say from all the previous network marketing I've done in the past 2 years, I've learned WAY more in the last month working with Melanie than I have in the previous years. 

So much gratitude!

A little birdy told me you have questions

Just last year I was in the launching trenches, too, and I know they’re lined with a crazy combo of hope, excitement, anxiety, and most importantly — BELIEF.

The belief that you CAN do this. Deep down you know it’s true. But I completely get that you might still be doubting yourself.
Perfect confidence is an illusion, but that underlying belief that it’s possible, that’s the real deal.
There’s only one thing scarier than failure… it’s sneaky counterpart — success.
When you close your eyes and picture your account replenishing itself every month, it might feel further away than Mars. But it’s truly a whole lot closer than you think.
Yes, you’ll have to show up. You’ll have to do the work. But with the fundamentals, and insight you’ll gain through this 8-part video series, I know you can do it!
I’ve walked this path and I can’t wait to share everything I’ve learned building my own 7-figure businesses – both on- and offline.
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