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Pro+ 8-Part Video Series

designed to teach you how to activate and launch new people to help you and your partners get instant results.

You will see a serious increase in duplication when you couple my Activation and Launch Checklist with the Launch Pro+ 8-part video series.

A proven pathway to get results, increase confidence, and launch new people as they start.
So, whether you are new and launching for the first time, or you want a proven method for activating new partners, one thing’s for sure, there are more people searching for ways to make money from home than ever before.
You’ll find everything you need to activate and launch a thriving home-based business (regardless of your company, product, or level of experience) inside Launch Pro+, my 8-part video series, 

I’ll reveal my behind-the-scenes fundamentals that I personally use to build and consistently hit top ranks...creating momentum and duplication — and how you can do the same. Fast-track your results in a way you've never even imaginged!

You CAN do this!

Are you ready to build an organization of raving partners and customers who cannot stop talking about you and your product/service?

Building your business has never been more important...and doing it the right way will save you years of wasted time, effort, and money.
The more support you have on this journey, the easier it will be to create and launch your business…and Launch Pro+ has exactly that including:

The Money List

The Money List is your number one asset in your business. If you have no list, you have no money!

Brand & Message

Your personal brand matters because who you are, what’s important to you, and what you stand for matter. People follow those they know, like, and trust. They can only do that when your brand is clear and uniquely you!

Sales Funnels

The key to a successful sales funnel is to have a plan for each stage so you can effectively move people to become an advocate for you.

Business Blueprint

How do you run a business with no plan? The fact is…you don’t. A business blueprint is so important and yet, people just don’t have one. No problem…I’m excited to help you change that!

Social Media Strategy

Social media is really about telling your story in a way that your ideal client can relate. Having the right strategy helps you promote your brand without being spammy and pushing people away.

Duplication & Leadership

This is where many people struggle. Having the right system for duplication makes all the difference…not only for your new partners, but for developing leaders as well.

Million-Dollar Mindset

Everyone has times where they get knocked down and feel they can’t get back up. However, those with the right mindsets do…each and every time. The good news is Launch Pro+ can help you transform your mindset to propel you forward with maximum momentum.

Launch Plan

The last step that brings everything together is the Launch Plan. When you connect the Launch Pro+ steps with the right timeframe, you create the perfect path for your success. You can, in fact, do, be, and have anything you desire!

This course is an absolute game changer, life changer & world changer!! It ticks all the boxes so thank you, Melanie, for being an exceptional mentor!!

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The belief that you CAN do this. Deep down you know it’s true. But I completely get that you might still be doubting yourself.
Perfect confidence is an illusion, but that underlying belief that it’s possible, that’s the real deal.
There’s only one thing scarier than failure… it’s sneaky counterpart — success.
When you close your eyes and picture your account replenishing itself every month, it might feel further away than Mars. But it’s truly a whole lot closer than you think.
Yes, you’ll have to show up. You’ll have to do the work. But with the fundamentals, and insight you’ll gain through this 8-part video series, I know you can do it!
I’ve walked this path and I can’t wait to share everything I’ve learned building my own 7-figure businesses – both on- and offline.


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