Get a Proven turn key Online Business System, Training & Motivation To Finally Break 
Free From the Rat Race!

Only 5% of people achieve their goals because no one shows them how... 
Learn to become the 5%

  • 95% of the population is dead or dead broke by age 65 - but it doesn't have to be this way.. we are changing that
  • We have a turn key system to help you earn more, keep more and make it grow
  • Becoming a Digital CEO is not hard but it definitely needs to be done the right way and we are going to show you exactly how to start your journey so you can get free from the rat race!
  • Fear is the only reason you will not get FREE so we are going to help you face it head on in a supportive environment where you can whip you money fears once and for all!
  • Creating success comes through commitment and that is best developed with accountability! We are going to help you every step of the way but ultimately you have to SAY YES to LIFE!
  • We want to see you build the life and business of your dreams being able to work from anywhere with NO CAP on you income or your POTENTIAL!


Stay motivated on the good days AND the hard days.
Connect with people just like you who are ready to 
Transform their mindset & elevate their life.

Education. Empowerment. Transformation.

Here’s How We Work with you

Millionaire Mentorship

Whether you join us in business or the Trading Academy: Every Week, you’ll get online LIVE training designed to keep you in momentum and develop your skillset and mindset by Millionaire Mentor and Success Trainers Greg & Melanie Greenough

Exclusive Community of Freedom Revolutionists 
(like you)

You’ll get access to a private community of hungry Freedom Seekers like yourself who simply need accountability, motivation and someone to help them stay focused + celebrate wins.

Weekly Audio + Text Motivation & Training

Once a week, you’ll get audio and text Motivation & Training to support a winning mindset, help you take actions to gain success and create an unshakeable Mindset.  Imagine having everything you need each week to take profit producing actions to build your dreams!

The cost? For our partners/customers Absolutely Free.

Greg & Melanie Greenough

Known worldwide as “Freedom Revolutionists and Momentum Creators” Greg & Melanie are top leaders, serial entrepreneurs, and mentors who went from college dropouts & financial struggle to record breaking producers and mentors in business and sales!

They have spent the last decade traveling the world, inspiring hundreds of thousands of people in business to transform their lives through the life-changing power of mindset and business systems. Industry Legends in the direct sales, Greg & Melanie are a passionate couple dedicated to others success!

The authors of Free From The Rat Race – and the co-founders of Freedom Revolution a private free training community and business system for entrepreneurs who aren’t willing to settle for average – Greg & Melanie are working with people in their organization world wide to achieve UNLIMITED SUCCESS with proven systems, mindset training and an environment to help them elevate their lives and business so they can gain TOTAL FREEDOM!

A couple filled with faith, parents of 2 daughters, world-travelers and co-founders of the Couragous Go-Givers called “Freedom Heros” Greg & Melanie are here to help you on your journey to FREEDOM!

Join Our Team and get Access to our Exclusive Community and Mentorship.

It's your time to Get Free From The Rat Race

Freedom Revolution will help you...

  • Gain Instant Access To Proven Systems to earn money and understand a money success mindset
  • Become laser-focused and increase possibilities
  • Create a Freedom Mindset™ system.
  • Keep your motivation high.
  • Stay in the game when you want to give up
  • Transform your Life to Do, Be and Have it all
  • Train your mind & develop the skills to win.
  • Be surrounded with people who want what you want.
  • Access to support whenever you need it

Plus, you’ll get instant access to:

Greg & Melanie’s Secret Daily Method of Operation

Learn How to Create WINNING DAILY ROUTINES and
live every day doing PROFIT PRODUCING ACTIVITIES so you can Become 
Free From the Rat Race

They say that mindset is
90% of the battle.

and Skillset is the other 10% .. We Will Teach you BOTH!

Your education begins today! Freedom Nation is an exclusive community for 
Skillset & Mindset training that will lead to your Ultimate Success!

Success Stories from real people just like you!

Break out of the Rat Race and 
Build Your Empire

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