Warning:  You May Be Sabotaging Your Success When it Comes to Personal Branding and 
Online Marketing for Business Success   

Whether you are a networker, coach, consultant, or business woman 
(or want to be), if you want to make this year your breakout year...

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Financial Fitness Academy™!


  • Crush debt once and for all
  • Build multiple streams of income (even if you do not have a business yet)
  •  Use Social Media to sell anything at anytime and take the ceiling off the results
  • ​Finally discover your Purpose and Build a Business, Brand, and Bank Account you Love with a tribe of amazing women there to support you every step!
Listen, you don’t have to 
figure this stuff out on your own.
I already did that for you.
And it took me YEARS to do it.
Simply follow the formulas + blueprints I have created and just
So you can finally...
Earn More, Keep More, and Make it Grow...

Your Change Starts Here...
If you are tired of trying to figure out how to pay off your debt, make more money, and finally gain the success you desire...
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We have thousands of women whose lives have been shifted and are getting amazing results!!


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Putting in hours and hours a day, working as hard as you can, but still not getting ahead, financially?

Not seeing your retirement fund grow, much less your debt shrink??

Still going to bed feeling drained, instead of jazzed by living your purpose??

You don’t have to stay on this path. Instead:

  • Create a plan to be debt free in 5-7 years...including your mortgage? (YES! It is possible, I did it and so have my clients.)
  • Use social media to generate a constant stream of leads so you can increase your income.
  • ​Finally feel in control of your future because not all your eggs are in one basket.
  • ​Finally understand EXACTLY what to do to become successful and build a business, brand, and bank account you love.

The Financial Fitness Academy™ helps women, coaches, consultants, and network marketers to stop spinning their wheels and become money-making, happiness machines through learning to earn more, keep more, and make it grow!

All you need to do is learn the skills to take your life to the next level just like my clients do!

Melanie Greenough 

Founder & CEO of 
She's Creating an Empire™... 

Melanie went from being a broke, homeless, single mom to a Top Network Marketer and Business & Branding Coach who has been featured on top media channels for her success! Her straight-forward, proven strategies have now helped thousands of women create change and transform their lives in the past 10 years! 
Her passion is YOUR SUCCESS!!

The same strategies Melanie and her clients have used to gain success are available to you now through the Financial Fitness Academy™.
Here's what you get...


Goal Setting, Money Mindset, & Net Worth

$497 value

Before you can go forward, we need to look at what got you here. Your mindset & ability to set goals has a huge impact on getting you where you want to be.

Things like...
  • ​Analyzing your current habits to know what’s working against you
  • ​Evaluating your inner chatter so you can hear how your words impact your progress
  • ​Practicing positivity tuning so you attract more of what you DO want into your life
  • ​Creating a crystal-clear picture of your dream life so you’re always working toward it
With tools to help break down your steps, changing your mindset & accomplishing your goals becomes much easier.


The Debt-Crusher Program™ 

$497 value

Finally get the Debt Monkey off your back!

How about a full module of learning and implementing strategies to...
  • ​Identify money blocks that keep you stuck in your same financial situation
  • ​Create a debt-free plan that will help you unshackle yourself from debt
  • ​Be LEAN and MEAN on your spending so you can see where you’re bleeding money for nothing
  • ​Find money in places you didn’t know it was hidden
  • ​Stop compounding from working against you 
  • ​Negotiate interest so you can stop paying out more than you need to
A real life in-your-hands plan to pay off your debt in 5-7 years without increasing your income or cutting up your credit cards!


Income Creation Lab

$497 value

This module will have you learning what trading is, how to build an online store, and what resources are available to you to create multiple streams of income...and how you can apply it like a boss!
  • Through education, learn what trading is and how to create a trading plan
  • ​​Learn about online stores and how to access the education to build one for yourself
  • ​Learn what options there are for multiple streams of income
  • ​Learn to track and measure for success
  • ​Learn the mindset you need to build a net worth using  compounding percentages
  • ​Learn how to access the right education and mentors to take your trading game to the next level
  • ​Meet with women just like you who have little to no experience and mastermind to create success!


Discover Your Purpose and Unlock Your Dynamic Brand™!

$497 value

Dominate social media and the social selling scene...even if you don’t know what to post right now.
  • ​Identify your purpose so everything you do stems from it
  • ​Create a mission statement that motivates you and keeps you focused
  • ​Learn how to create Purpose-Driven Profits
  • ​Build a Personal Brand that attracts your buying clients so you can sell anything at any time with ease!
Building a personal brand online is the ONE thing that all marketers, coaches, consultants, and business women need. Uncover your personal messaging that will EXPLODE your results and leave you feeling committed to your future!


Mini Master Classes

$1,000 value

Have coffee with Financially Fit successful women so you can brainstorm and strategize YOUR next level of success.

You’re in luck! We occasionally release quick trainings to help you create a plan for your empire and overcome challenges you face when growing and becoming financially fit! 

We'll show you how to:
  • ​Create multiple streams of income
  • ​Create a Personal Brand that sells like mad
  • ​Create a freedom-trading plan
  • ​Pay off debt and more


Community Access


May I take a minute to brag?

Our community is like none other. We have amazing Coaches and clients who believe in positivity, vision, working to achieve their dreams, and supporting those around them.

When you join our members-only Facebook Group, you’ll instantly become part of our purpose-driven family…with all the support and friendship you need to be successful!


Real-Time Coaching & Support


The reality is this…you cannot solve the problems in your life without education and support.

You are going to have questions during this process, and your coach will have answers! 

From growing multiple streams of income to developing a new debt-management system, and using online marketing strategies to create a Purpose-Driven Personal Brand that drives sales...we’ve got you covered.

Just throw your questions in the FB Group and I’ll be in there to answer them during business hours!!!

Fast Track Your Success and Enrol Today!!

Financial Fitness Academy™ 


Today Only $497 for TWO!

or 3 payments of $199

You AND Your BFF Win!

  • The Debt Crusher Program
  • Your Dynamic Brand
  • ​Dynamic Trading Plan
  • ​Income Creation Lab
  • ​Money Mindset
  • ​Mini Masterclasses
  • ​Coach & Community Support
  • ​Office Hours in the Private Facebook™ group

I know you'll love it as much as these graduates...

Geeta Dayal

Being a part of this movement has allowed me to reset my life in ways I never imagined were possible. 

Before being introduced to She’s Creating An Empire™, I was trapped trading my time for money in the film industry and working at my micro-blading studio. 

While recently recovering from surgery for over four months at home with my daughter and husband, I began to reflect on what the true cost of this success was if I was not well enough to enjoy it and was unable to spend quality time with my family.

Since I have implemented these principals, I have residual income coming in every week and I’m compounding my money. 

We are in uncertain times and a lot of people are worried about their financial well being. I am so grateful that I said ‘YES’ and joined this community!!

Morgan Oostra

Working with Melanie has completely changed the trajectory of my life. 

Before I met her, I felt lost, my life lacked purpose and I was just going through the motions of living one day to the next trying to survive. 

Now, I don’t even recognize the person I was before. 

I’ve been empowered to not only help myself and my family, but to help so many others. 

I wake up excited to see what each day brings and with huge vision of what I am working towards. 

I have real goals- meaningful goals – I am moving forward financially in big time ways and am actually achieving them the benchmarks I set for myself. 

Life is so good now! I highly recommend you jump in and follow the easy to learn formulas in this Education!

Danielle Riise

You know when you meet someone for the first time and you just know they are going to be someone significant in your life? 
Well, that was Melanie for me. I was introduced to her by a good friend who was already working with her and I knew by how they spoke about her that I had to meet her myself. 

Before meeting Melanie and the She’s Creating An Empire strategies and principles, I was feeling ‘stuck’ but knew there had to be some way of getting what I so desperately wanted in life that actually made sense for me. I was not willing to get another job and trade even more of my time and energy doing yet another thing I didn’t enjoy. I was accumulating debt faster than I could pay it off, my financial anxiety was affecting my marriage and my health, but I didn’t know how to change that without simply working WAY MORE hours. 

Since meeting Melanie, I have learned so many valuable skills that I was able to implement immediately and they have changed the course of my future. Having her experience, knowledge and support has been an answered prayer. I’m paying off debt, creating multiple streams of income and feeling so empowered. I don’t feel hopeless anymore…I’m actually more excited than I have been in many, many years because I finally have the tools and support I need to succeed.

Who is this for?

If you’re wondering whether the She’s Creating An Empire™ Financial Fitness Academy™ and community will work for you…you’re in luck! We work with women representing a wide range of careers, levels of knowledge, ages, and experience.

  • Professionals
  • Service Providers
  • ​Small Business Owners
  • ​Executives
  • ​Network Marketers
  • ​Retirees
  • Stay-at-Home Moms
  • Employees
  • ​Self Employed
  • ​Affiliate Marketers
  • ​Coaches
  • ​Consultants

…and many more

The Radical Success From the Women In Our
Community Has Been Overwhelming...Check It Out!!!

About shescreatinganempire.com

Shescreatinganempire.com is the premier leader in simplified training for the financial fitness and personal branding using both online and offline strategies and marketing to quickly earn more, keep more, and grow more.

Whether you area  NEW networker, coach, consultant, business woman, or a seasoned pro, you’re sure to find helpful tips, training, and resources here to Create An Empire—The Financial Fitness Academy™ is the best program to create the shift you need and explode your results!

Enrol Today!!

Financial Fitness Academy™ 

Today Only $497 For TWO
During Our Limited Time BOGO

or 3 payments of $199

Put a smile on your bestie's face & wealth in both your wallets!

  • The Debt Crusher Program
  • ​Multiple Streams of Income Plan
  • ​Dynamic Trading Plan
  • ​Income Creation Lab
  • ​Money Mindset
  • ​Daily Masterclasses
  • ​Coach & Community Support
  • ​Office Hours in the Private Facebook™ group
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