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Let me guess...

You’ve done everything you’ve been taught to build a business and it’s still not working, right? You have tried to recruit...maybe you have signed up a few friends and no one is doing anything? Or maybe you even hit the first rank or two of your company and it’s just not growing the way you want or need for you to create the income you desire?

Do you worry about coming off as too pushy, spammy or awkward when talking about your business?

You are not alone.

This is the #1 request I get...How do I GROW my business??

Pleasssseeeee – can you just tell me what to do to build my business?

You want to have a successful business and want to do BIG things, but there’s a little voice holding you back. Will people actually join me and refer others? Does this kind of business actually work? What if people join me and I succeed but they don't? What if they are turned off by my attempt to build my new business or personal brand online?

If you are new to network marketing (or even been around for a long time), having a mindset and a skillset to grow a large business can be REALLY HARD. Trust me… I’ve been there.

That is why I’m helping you out.

Tired of trying to build your business without knowing what steps to take and having a path to follow?

Yup, me too! You know what I mean.

The new people trying so hard after joining, but they do ALL the wrong things and then feel like then they don't do anything. 

Or, the brand new person who joins your team says they want to build then does nothing.

Oh and my personal favourite... The “hey girl, buy my stuff” spammy messages people are trying online. Or, the “what’s'd be amazing at this, babe...join my team” DM.

Or, maybe trying to drag someone to a meeting or event they do not want to attend and then people using high-pressure tactics to get them to buy or join the team??? 

You know what I’m talking about. Right?! Right!

How many times have you promised yourself that you don’t want to be “that person” — the one that is sending messages that make the person on the other end want to turn and run far, far, far away.

I have some good news for you...
I  totally get it.
I got you.
I have a 5-Step Formula just for you!

The 5-Step Formula to Create Duplication and Momentum!!

Attracting the right people to your business is the first step in creating success! But here’s the thing...most people have no idea what ATTRACTING the right people takes.

And, of course, you do have to ASK them to join you and it needs to be a duplicatable process, but you do have to ASK. But then what? This is where most people FAIL!! There is a specific formula for ACTIVATING NEW CUSTOMERS AND PARTNERS that will throw your business into momentum. In this mini-course, I show you how to use these 5 steps to create the paycheck and success you have always wanted!

Building relationships, being authentic, using your own voice, and asking for what you want in a thoughtful, sincere way makes a huge difference. So, when you think of recruiting, it needs to be in a mission-driven way...would it not feel amazing to attract people who want what you want and are willing to work for it?

All 5 Steps of the Formula are


I’ve used these exact steps to build my 7-figure network marketing businesses. And, now I’m sharing them with you!

In this mini-course, you unpack a ton of value including:
  • My actual, proven 5 steps I use to create momentum and duplication
  • Hot tips on how to activate new partners and have them take action
  • ​How to get your customers to refer everyone they know
  • ​REAL TALK on what it takes to make your business happen
In this training, you’ll find the steps you need to become an #empirebuilder and what it takes to help others succeed!

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